Let the ingredients
speak for themselves

Superbra (translated Supergood) is a small and friendly Norwegian company delivering high quality dry foods and sauces, with just about 99% organic and sustainable ingredients. Their mission is to make it super easy for people to make good food with a clear conscience.  

We wanted to show, not tell, that Superbra has a conscientious, playful and humble approach to their products, workers and customers. The new packaging had to be recognizable to existing customers in stores, and furthermore appeal to new groups of customers looking for high quality foods. 

Photos by Sara Spilling, styling by Live Berg Studio.

Client Superbra

Deliverables Brand platform, visual identity and packaging

Gif of five risotto labels from Superbra
Decorative picture of tomato sauce by Superbra
Five glasses with tomato sauce from Superbra
Bag with risotto from Superbra
A glass with pizza sauce from Superbra