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0177 Oslo
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Kari Marie Blix
Strategic adviser & manager
kari@molberger.no+47 992 53 086
Jenny Leite-Vikra
jenny@molberger.no+47 458 82 539
Kathrine Winther L√łkke
kathrine@molberger.no+47 414 20 525
Julie Wiik Berg
julie@molberger.no+47 954 04 900
Mathilda Gustafsson
mathilda@molberger.no+47 478 39 743

We love working closely with each client on every project. With more than ten years of experience we believe that close client collaboration is one of the key factors to successful projects.

One of our greatest assets is being small

We work with brands inside out

Our strategic approach to every process is our pride and joy. We will tear apart your brand to understand and identify its core, before we put it back to pieces again. We establish how your brand differentiates from its competitors, with your unique brand assets. Then we structure and give form, so that you can go out and make an impact.

Change is the only constant

Acknowledging that we live in an ever changing world, we ensure that your brand stays relevant. We truly believe in scaling projects to your current needs, and in maintaining long-term relationships to continuously developing your brand.

We offer:

Concept development
Brand strategy and workshops
Name (???)
Visual identity
Packaging design