Studio Sted and Praksis a logo on top of  picture of a staircase outside

Casually proving Dynamic interaction

Studio Sted and Praksis A are two different disciplines; a landscape architect and an architect, who works closely together. Our objective was to create two individual identities that could co-exist, as well as stand alone with their own unique features. For inspiration we turned to nature; reflections in water, raw materials, angles and contrasts in hard versus soft.

Client Studio sted + praksis a

Deliverables Visual Identities, Web design

A patio with concrete floor and green poles
Poster with the text:
Tekniske byggeprinsipper skaper sosial merverdi. Design av private rom. Utvikling og transformasjon. Odins gate. Oslo
3 mockups of website seen on a mobile screen
A room with a staircase made of wood.
A funky house made out of wood