Gro! Or the art of keeping plants alive

Millennials buy plants as an escape from their digital lives and to reconnect with nature. But they don't necessarily know how to make their newly acquired companions thrive and flourish (literally). Greenery is back in the Scandinavian homes, and we enjoy their presence, if we can make them survive.

In 2016 we started up with our very own side project: GRO (translated; GROW). GRO originated as a Scandinavian digital magazine on indoor plants, which evolved into a community with exchange cuttings events, and has lastly materialized as a printed handbook.  

We were eager to share knowledge on how to be successful in keeping plants alive through easy accessible, concise and inspiring basic knowledge, with Scandinavian living rooms particularly in mind. 

If you wish to get your own copy of the book, please buy it here.

Client GRO

Deliverables Concept, idea and script, photos, graphic design, events

Cover of the book 'Gro - a houseplant book'
Person holding a bag with a business card from Gro, and a green plant
Several people standing around a table with green plantsWoman holding two bags with a card and green plants