Fasade of the restaurant Eff Eff

The oyster bar with no design

Eff Eff is a local oyster and wine bar. Situated in a backstreet of Oslo next to a computer support store, a hairdresser and a massage studio, the bar wants a raw approach to the art of eating oysters. 

The main thought was to create a visual profile using the principle of no-design. Creating an apparent random and clean design, while at the same time give the profile a sense of a common thread. We wanted the oyster icon to be implemented as a large part of the visuals – both inside the bar, on social media and on the website, while the different variations of the logo could be used as see fitted.

Client Eff eff

Deliverables Visual Identity

Gif of different logos for Eff eff
Person holding a plate with an oysterMockup of Effeff's menu
A gif of an illustrated oyster which are opening and closingTable outside with two glasses of white wine, a plate with oyster, and a plate with bread