Excellence in execution

Arctic is a Norwegian investment bank, founded in 2007 by senior financial experts with a strong heritage. Since the beginning, Arctic has been committed to driving positive change in trade and industry through the markets. They relentlessly craft superior market opportunities to help bring the world forward.

In an effort to better represent their values and mission, Arctic decided to redesign their visual identity. Our main philosophy in the design process was to emphasise and preserve the elements that works and to add new details for a stronger present.

As a result of the redesign, Arctic's updated visual identity reflects their global focus and initiatives to a greater extent. Still with a connection to the arctic environment, but with a broader perspective and focusing more on the people behind.

Maskinen delivered a full brand strategy together with communication, content and web architecture. Baptiste Ringot built the user experience design. We handled the digital design, and finally Maskinen and Solvr developed the websites. Excellent photos to top it off by Sebastian Bjerkvik.


Deliverables VISUAL IDENTITY, Digital design