a red flag with the Fellesorganisasjonen logo


Fellesorganisasjonen (FO) is the trade union and professional association of child welfare educators, social workers, welfare nurses and welfare scientists in Norway. FO works to improve their members’ pay and working conditions, as well as safeguarding their professional interests and status in society. 

How could FO keep its identifiable and strong voice, but still come off as new and fresh? Would it be possible to make them even stronger than before? As a contemporary trade union, they needed to preserve their existing member base while reaching out to graduates and younger generations. Bolder and more unifying than ever, FO is ready to move on, always keeping their members’ best interests in mind. 

Photos by Sara Spilling

Client (FO) Fellesorganisasjonen

Deliverables strategy, visual identity

Smiling manTwo kids who are drawing
Picture of a red printed reportPerson who are flipping through a report
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