Show, don't tell!

Snakk (former Nordic Screens) is a communication agency targeting younger media consumers through captivating moving images. Our task was to develop a brand strategy and visual identity that aligns with the new name. This also included the two production companies that are part of the brand architecture: Simpl (for young adults) and Ramp (for kids).

Snakk has a unique position in the media market, reaching the seemingly unreachable Generation Z demographic that no other media channels can. They achieve this by staying connected and creating content specifically for them in every project they take on. We discovered that they are essentially translators. As a good translator captures the ideas and feelings of a message and conveys them accurately. Snakk mediates the ideas of their clients to this audience in a unique way.

Therefore, we focused on good copywriting alternating between two fonts in a cartoonish and humorous way, with few but bold colors, for their visual identity. The logo font is an ink trap font, representing Snakk's ability to complete all projects in a cost-effective and agile manner without compromising quality.

Client Snakk

Deliverables Visual identity